What are more dangerous, Adders or Ticks?

In a recent article the BBC have highlighted some of the perils of the English countryside. They provide details of Cows (unpredictable when with calves) and Bulls, Wild Boar (Gloucestershire), Deer, False Widow Spiders (southeast England) but also mention Adders and Ticks. Adders are Britain’s only venomous snake and they use their venom to paralyse

BBC Breakfast report on Lyme Disease with Nicola Seal

On Saturday last week (3rd of May), BBC Breakfast aired with an interesting feature on Ticks and Lyme disease, featuring Professor Richard Wall, a researcher on Ticks, and Nicola Seal who has suffered through Lyme disease and is now an active UK Lyme disease campaigner. Nicola was an active walker and outdoor enthusiast prior to

Ignorance of Tick-borne Lyme Disease costing lives

Following on from the BBC Breakfast article on Ticks and Lyme Disease is an article on their website featuring an interview with Joanne Drayson who suffered major health problems due to Lyme Disease. The article highlights the problems in diagnosing Lyme Disease and suggests a certain lack of knowledge about Lyme within the medical profession. At

Wales: Tropical Diseases and Ticks now a greater danger according to the BBC

Further publicity on the risks of mosquito-borne diseases and the risks of Lyme Disease on the BBC.  According to Chartered Institute of Environmental Health diseases once considered tropical are now a threat in the UK dues to warmer and wetter weather. At the same time, the movement of deer across the Welsh border from England