Should I get a mosquito repellent app for my phone?

Devices that claim to repel mosquitoes through the emission of high-pitched high-frequency sound waves have been widely available for some time.  They base their claim of repellency on the basis that the sound replicates the frequency of the wings of a Dragonfly (a natural predator of mosquitoes). This range of sound is also available through

Care Plus and Brazil World Cup 2014 – Now in English!

You probably noticed that the Care Plus promotion for the Brazil World Cup 2014 wasn’t quite set up for fans of the Three Lions. We wanted our dedicated followers who are trekking out to South America to support the team (or, in the case of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, to watch them fail!) to have

Chikungunya : First cases in the western hemishere

The World Health Organisation has reported the detection of the first cases of the mosquito-borne virus Chikungunya in the western hemisphere, with so far 4 confirmed cases on the French / Dutch island of St Martin in the Caribbean. Chikungunya attacks the joints giving arthritis type symptoms and can also cause headaches, fever or, in