375,000 litres from a Care Plus Water Filter – what does that look like?

We understand that it is difficult to comprehend volumes of water, particularly when it comes to drinking water – we have been struggling with it ourselves. However, perhaps it might help to visualise the 375,000 litres of water that a Care Plus filter will provide by understanding that this is the amount of water found

New Packaging for Pure Hydration!

Our Thirst Aid Bag and Survivor Bottle were previously aimed more at organisations, like military institutions or Aid services, and as such weren’t packaged for ease of transportation and use. Whilst they still fulfill those purposes, however, we’d like to present a more retail-oriented adaptation.   With a new easy-to-hang and display bag, large product

Water Filtration

Safe and clean water is essential, whether at home, out walking, or on vacation overseas.  With scientifically tested and proved water purifiers you can take water from streams, other fresh water sources, standpipes or taps and be sure that the water is safe to drink. Pure Hydration water purifiers remove all contaminants from water, including waterbourne pathogens, toxic