Sun Protection

Care Plus Sun Protection
Sunlight is good for our well-being and vitality. It stimulates the blood circulation and is important for the synthesis of vitamin D that the body needs for the production of calcium for our bones. However, sunlight can also harmful for our skin. In particular, too much sun can cause allergic reactions, as well causing skin ageing and even cell ageing.

Sunlight is composed of several types of UV rays, each with its own characteristics:

• UV-A radiation influences the elastin in the skin. Long- term exposure to this radiation can lead to allergic reactions, wrinkles, early skin ageing and ultimately skin cancer. UV-A radiation penetrates the skin more deeply than UV-B rays, and optimal protection is therefore very important.
• UV-B radiation causes the tanning of the skin, followed by sunburn. This can lead to various types of skin cancer. A good UV-B protection is therefore necessary.
• UV-C radiation cannot penetrate the skin. We do not need to protect ourselves against these rays.

UV-A protection
The EU recommendation that a sun protection product must have at least 1/3 UV-A protection compared to the UV-B protection applies since 2007. When a product satisfies this requirement, it may be labeled with the UVA logo. All Care Plus® Sun Protection products meet this high requirement. How to protect yourself from skin damage caused by UV rays:

• Stay out of the sun between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.; this is when the rays of the sun are the strongest.
• In the event of longer periods of direct or indirect exposure to the sun, you must wear clothing to cover your body and preferably something on your head. This clothing must be comfortable, breathable, moisture-wicking and of course UV-resistant. Uncovered skin must be treated with a sun screen with a high protection factor. The term Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is used in this respect.
• It is recommended that children are never exposed to direct sun rays for longer than necessary. If this cannot be avoided, always wear clothing that covers the body and apply sun screen with a high sun protection factor on uncovered skin.
• Sun screen products must always be applied 30 minutes before exposure to the sun to ensure that the sun protection factor can work effectively.

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