Summer Cycling Suggestions

cycle articleWith the weather turning warmer and the sun providing a pleasant, vibrant look over the countryside, more and more of us are heading outside to enjoy the country roads and paths for a day’s cycle. We love supporting outdoor activities, and with the number of cyclists ever growing, we at KeebleCare thought we’d put together a handy list of items to help you stay prepared whilst out on the trail.

[38302] FAK Light Cyclist

First Aid Kit Light – Cyclist
Easy to store inside or clip onto a rucksack, or even onto the bicycle itself, with a simple strap or carabiner, the Light Cyclist kit contains a small collection of items to keep you feeling fresh (Hand cleaning wipes) whilst also helping to deal with any nasty crashes or falls you might endure whilst out on the road (waterproof plasters).
A small, simple first aid kit that is perfect for peace of mind on a day trip out in the country.

Sun Protection Minispray and Face & Lip SPF50
[36204] MS Sun Protection
Both of these products will help you cope with the harsher summer sun, but each provides its own strength and benefits. The Minispray may only have a protection factor of SPF30, but if you’re looking to quickly spray some lotion on, rub it in and get back to the countryside, the incredibly compact, put-in-your-pocket minispray is just the right thing to store away and use when you need it.

[36152] Sun Protection Face and Lip

The Face & Lip, however, provides more complete coverage, as its two-in-one lip balm and sun protection cream allow for more precise application, as well as the cream itself reaching the higher protection factor of SPF50, giving those with slightly more sensitive skin an easier time out on their rides. Whilst not as small as the minispray, the tube is still small enough to be easily tucked away in a rucksack or large pocket, providing you with both convenience and fantastic outdoor protection.

Aquapure Traveller Pouches (Black, Red, Pink)
[APT_NP_RD] Aquapure Traveller Pouch (Red)Whilst the Aquapure Traveller, by itself, is already a great tool for any outdoor enthusiast to use, the Pouch will allow you to easily attach it to a rucksack or a bicycle itself with its carabiner, velcro strap or keyring hook. The Neoprene material will also keep the Aquapure Traveller bottle insulated, keeping your water fresh and cool even in the summer heat.
With the design featured in three different colours, you can choose a pouch that works best for you.

Natural 30% Citriodiol Stick
[32622] Natural 30 StickNothing’s worse on an outdoor bike ride than having to deal with the midges and horse flies in the fields as you cycle down a country road. The Natural repellent stick provides the solution to the problem, warding away those pesky bites and leaving you free to get on with what you set out to do – cycle!
The repellent’s stick form is a much drier alternative to the spray and roll-on options, making it feel better against your skin and easier to apply to your face and lips.

Enjoy your time outside!
We hope that this selection can really help those active in the summer to have a great time out in the sun, whether you’re riding through town or taking your bike out into the wilderness.

Happy cycling!

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