Aquapure Traveller Bottle

Aquapure Traveller Bottle

Aquapure Traveller Bottle [APT/S/750]
The Aquapure Traveller is a personal water purifier capable of quickly turning up to 350 litres of potentially contaminated water into clear, clean and safe drinking water. From unregulated water in Nottingham to a mountain stream in Nepal, the Aquapure Traveller is all you’ll need to get your drinking water.

The filter / disinfection media is based on electro-adhesion which removes even the smallest viruses (as demonstrated by independent testing). The process stops and holds microbiology such as cysts, viruses, bacteria and spores deep within the pores of the media. Any water that makes it through the electro-adhesive surface is then passed through an activated carbon filter to remove odours, bad tastes and other chemicals and metals.

Made from the highest quality materials and built to the strictest quality control procedures, the Aquapure Traveller is designed to provide you with purified water again and again wherever you are. The filter is designed to ‘fail’ in a safe way after about 350 litres by slowly blocking and no longer letting water through; this means that, so long as water is making it through the filter, you know that it is safe to drink.

The Aquapure Traveller removes:
Viruses & Bacteria (including E. coli, Vibrio Cholera, Hepatitus A, & Polio type 1)

Pathogens (including Cryptosporidium & Giardia)
Bad tastes & odours
Chemicals (including VOCs, SOCs)
Heavy metals
Faecal matter

Removes 99.999% of all  viruses and 99.99997% of all bacteria


How to use
Simply fill the Aquapure Traveller Bottle from any source of fresh water – a stand-pipe, river, lake, puddle, horse trough, or even just a tap. Replace the lid of the bottle (which contains the filter). Squeeze and drink.  The Aquapure Traveller requires no wait time and works instantly, little effort is required to draw the water through the filter, you simply drink as if from a normal sports bottle. To prolong the life of the filter it is best to use water that is already as clean as possible, if the water is dirty or contaminated then it may be sensible to filter it through a piece of cloth as you fill the bottle (a sock can be used in an emergency. The filter should not be used with salt water, fruit juices, hot drinks, or any liquids other than water.

[APT_S_750] Aquapure Traveller

Why the Aquapure Traveller?
The Aquapure Traveller is the only filter bottle fully endorsed by the Hospital of Tropical Diseases London. Pure Hydration are an official partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s ‘Know before you go’ campaign, their products are used by disaster relief teams around the world, and their technology is approved for use by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Replacement Filter Caps are available for the Aquapure Traveller Bottle. All filters are manufactured in the UK and are extensively tested to ensure quality and safety. The bottle is impregnated with FDA approved anti-microbial to prevent microbe growth within.

Dimensions : 80 x 90 x 220mm
Materials : Low density food-grade FDA approved polyethylene,  / Food-grade polypropylene Weight (empty) : Approx 100g
Capacity: 750ml
EAN Code : 5032253082132


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