Product Returns

At KeebleCare we make every effort to ensure that all products we send out are fully working, in date, and in good condition, however, on rare occasions there can be unanticipated faults or problems.

If you notice a potentially problematic product, have a fault reported to you by a customer, or if you have received non-ordered items in your delivery, then we would ask that you follow our returns guidance in order to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum for both us and you and that we are able to process any credit or issue a replacement product without any unnecessary delay or further problems.

Returns Guidance
The first step is to contact us – either by phone or by email – so that we are able to start the returns process.

If contacting us by email then it is really useful if you can include the following details

– the exact name(s) of the product(s)
– the product code(s) – if available
– the number of products concerned
– the nature of the fault / problem
– where the product is currently (with you / with a customer)

– the contact name of the person dealing with the return your end
– their contact details (email / phone)
– your returns reference (if applicable)

Often we are able to process a credit / replacement of a faulty product without ever needing the product to be returned to us – and in these days of expensive post and courier services we appreciate that this makes financial sense.

If you are able to provide us with a photo showing the exact nature of the fault in the product this may be enough for our suppliers to assess the problem and for us to replace or refund.  Additionally, this may mean that you have to ask your customer to photograph the fault in their item.

Attaching a photo of the problem may speed the whole returns process.

Returns Process
On receiving your communication we will make an assessment of the problem (this will generally require us to communicate and liaise with the manufacturer) and provide you with an estimate of when we will be able to resolve.

If possible we will try to resolve any issue without the requirement to return us the faulty product – but if a return is needed then we will provide full instructions on this.

If the problem / fault / return is agreed we will then go ahead and process either a credit note or a replacement product (which route is taken depends primarily upon your requirements but may also be influenced by product availability and practicality of replacement).

Finally we will then take any appropriate action to attempt to prevent or reduce the chance of any further problems – including the assessment of existing stock and consultation with the manufacturer as required.