Online Stockist Pages now live!

With the arrival of our Stockist map in late May, we began to help promote our customers by showing everyone where they could be found on their local high street. However, we realise that not everyone’s method of sale can be found on a map.

CarePlus-ButtonIncog-Button PureHyd-Button

So, with that in mind, we’re proud to present our new Online Stockist pages, easily found by hovering over the Stockist button on the menu, or from the Stockist page itself (where you’ll find links just like the ones above).

For those of our customers who mainly sell online, or perhaps those who wish to buy our ranges through a website rather than a physical store, these site lists not only provide promotion for those found on the page, but easy access to web-based retailers who stock our products. They’re even categorised by brand, with each list linked to the appropriate product page where possible, making it even easier to find Care Plus, Pure Hydration, or Incognito items.


Stock our products, but can’t find your site on our lists? Fret not!

Simply contact us by phone or e-mail and we’ll get your site up and listed as soon as possible. (If you can provide a copy of your logo in 140(h)x400(w) pixel format, even better!) We’ll be constantly updating these lists ourselves, as well, so if you’re not on there yet, it’s likely you will be soon.

Alternatively you can get in touch me directly at if you have a logo you wish to send, or have any other queries about the pages or Stockist lists.

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