New Team Member – Nice to meet you!

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A fond hello to you all! As the newest member of the team, I thought I’d make an introduce myself a bit, as I grow to become more familiar with things around the company.

My name is Ross Bayfield, 21, and I joined Keeble, as of Monday 16th September, on an Apprenticeship scheme as an I.T. Service Technician, working directly with Jon Lock, who’s been running things on the digital front for around 5 years now.

I come from a background of a lot of retail experience work-wise, so whilst helping with the selling side of the business I’m also looking forward to expanding my skills as I both learn about the net-based procedures Jon’s been implementing whilst exploring and maintaining new ideas of my own, bringing my knowledge of computing and interest in technology with me to the company in the hopes of being able to help however I can.

It’s very nice to be with a company that has so much history behind it, both country-wide and locally, and it’s my pleasure to help it continue to secure its position, as a business, as the world continues to move into a digital age.

Here’s hoping for a bright future!

One thought on “New Team Member – Nice to meet you!

  1. Jon @ Keeble Agencies says:

    Three days in and Ross is already getting to grips with out IT systems!

    We are a small team at Keeble Agencies, but Ross has already fitted in, and, with his strengths, we believe that we will be able to make technological improvements that will further improve the service and access to information for both our customers and those using our products.

    Welcome to the team!

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