Avoiding Insect Bites with Incognito

Incognito mosquito repellent is effective against all 3,500 different species of mosquito, but to further reduce the risk of bites there are certain tips and techniques that can quickly and easily be employed.

C – Cover up arms and legs with suitable clothing
L – Light covered clothing is better than dark
O – Odours, bodily or perfume can attract mosquitoes
A – Apply Incognito spray and re-spray when neccessary
K – Keep away from stagnant water

Mosquito activity peaks around dusk and dawn, although certain mosquitoes are active throughout daylight hours. Make use of an impregnated mosquito net to protect you through the night and use Incognito Spray to protect you while awake.

Certain colours or patterns of clothing are more likely to attract mosquitoes – black, blue, green and floral – Lighter colours such as white, light olive or light brown are much better.

It is sensible to avoid all fragrances; most toiletries, sunscreens and fabric softeners are scented and may attract mosquitoes. Incognito soaps and washes work to reduce your bodily odour and add no additional insect-attracting aromas.

Wrap laundry up in plastic bags or other airtight containers and keep luggage closed when not in use. When entering your accommodation spray incognito around your door as mosquitoes often lay in wait just inside.

Mosquitoes can and will bite through fabric, even thick jeans, so to fully protect yourselves you may apply Incognito spray or roll-on before dressing, or apply a protective solution of Java Citronella in your final clothes rinse. Incognito spray can also be applied directly onto clothing where there is a strong mosquito presence.

When walking through the countryside tuck your trousers into your socks and be aware of the dangers of ticks. Incognito spray will offer protection, but in scrub / grassland areas where Tick presence is high it’s best to carry a tick remover with you.

In areas of acute malarial presence (parts of Africa, India, southeast Asia, etc.) it is extremely important that you take maximum precautions to avoid mosquito bites, because half measures could entail you being bitten. Remember, even the best anti-malaria tablets cannot guarantee against contracting malaria – the very best way to avoid malaria is to avoid being bitten.

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