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Protect yourself against mosquitoes and other biting insects the 100% natural way with the Incognito range of insect repellents and insect-safe hygiene products.

The range is based around Incognito Spray, this natural insect repellent has been tested by a leading tropical medicine hospital, with 100% efficacy in all tests, and further research by the Gates Malarial Foundation, published in the British Medical Journal, shows that Incognito is clinically proven to protect against mosquitoes when used in conjunction with an impregnated mosquito net. The Incognito Spray is also effective against ticks, midges, sand-flies, wasps and many other insects, furthermore, for 2014 Incognito have released their natural repellent in a roll-on for the very first time.

To accompany their repellent, Incognito, also have a range of hygiene products.  Scent from normal toiletries, soaps and perfumes can often act as an attraction to mosquitoes, however, the Incognito hygiene products work the opposite way, they have no attraction scents and will not attract mosquitoes.  Furthermore, they also act to camouflage natural human kairomones, and reduce the risks of being bitten even more.

Avoid mosquito and insect bites the natural way with Incognito Spray, Incognito Roll-on and the Incognito range of body wash, after-sun, shampoo and soaps.


Anti Mosquito SprayAnti Mosquito Roll-on


Incense Sticks x10Organic Java Citronella Oil


DeodorantLuxury Soap (Citronella_Coconut Oil)

Luxury Loofah SoapBody Wash_Shampoo

After Sun Moisturiser


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