Gardening to avoid Mosquitoes

Here in the UK the weather seems to have recently taken a turn for the better and people have started to venture out into their gardens to get work done. Now is also a good time to mosquito-proof your garden as we move towards the warmer part of the year.

The very best way to keep mosquitoes out of your garden is to prevent them from breeding in your garden in the first place. To breed mosquitoes need standing water in which to lay their eggs – in gardens this may often be found and as little as a bottle-cap full is enough for a mosquito.  To stop them breeding eliminated sources of standing water.

Mosquito Breed 1

Some of the most common places to find standing water include:

– empty pots, pot trays or saucers
– wheelbarrows and other garden tools
– open water butts
– clogged gutters
– in the folds of covers of garden machinery or furniture
– rubbish bins or bin lids
– old children’s play equipment
– old tyres

Bird Baths can also be problematic as they are a source of standing water.

Mosquito Breed 2

Obviously it is important to provides the birds with water to drink and bathe, however, you do not want your bird bath to become the first stop breeding spot for mosquitoes.  The best way to avoid this happening is to change the water regularly; daily if you can, but if not then at least once per week. Alternatively it is possible to buy solar powered wigglers (that keep the water agitated).

So this spring, while you are getting your garden organised, be sure to keep an eye out for standing water. If you are no fan of mosquitoes then now is the ideal time to do something about it.

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