Drinkable Sunscreen claims are rather more difficult to swallow



Although we seem to have been beset by torrential rain in this part of the country over the last few days, it is now approaching that time of the year when some of us will be seeking some time in the sun.

Recently The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph and some other publications have run articles on a new “drinkable” sunscreen. Osmosis Skincare’s new Harmonised H2O UV protection claims to provide protection from the sun equivalent to SPF30. Apparently by drinking as little as 2ml of this product the frequencies imprinted in the liquid will vibrate on your skin and protect you from the sun.

However, we would advise people to treat these claims VERY cautiously – it is not known how this liquid can have frequencies imprinted, nor is it clear how this then penetrates the skin (the digestive system and the skin are not closely linked – and the skin is very good at preventing liquids from passing through it). Additionally, none of the manufacturers claims appear to have been scientifically tested / validated.

At KeebleCare we recommend that if you want to protect yourself and enjoy some time out in the sun then it is best to stick with scientifically proven solutions – such as Care Plus Outdoor and Sea or Care Plus Sensitive – but please do not drink them, apply direct to the skin as per the instructions!

Further information / dismissal of the drinkable sunscreen is available at many locations across the web – including Marie Claire and Techly

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