36121 Lipstick

Healing lipstick with a high protection factor SPF 30.This lipstick provides protection in every season and climate. Care Plus Lipstick is suitable for the tropics, mountains, on the
water and for everyday use and is ideal for winter sports. It provides extended protection against the sun, wind and cold; and heals rough and dry lips. Care Plus Lipstick Contains
UV-A/ UV-B filters, Aloe Vera, Allanton and Menthol.

Dimensions (Ø x h) : 18 x 68 mm
Weight : 14 grams
Contents : 4,8 grams

• keeps lips moist
• healing action thanks to Aloe Vera and Menthol
• contains a physical sun filter based on titanium oxide
• SPF values by Colipa 2007
• tested from -20°C to +50°C
• tested on the Mount Everest