O.R.S. Scoop

O.R.S. Scoop

The Care Plus O.R.S Scoop allows you to create your own electolyte solution using water, salt and sugar – simply take 200ml of water and use one side of the scoop to add the correct amount of sugar and the other side to add the correct amount of salt. The scoop has full instructions for use printed upon it and comes with a keyring attachment.

Dehydration, or extreme loss of moisture, is very harmful for the body. One of the consequences of extreme loss of moisture is dehydration. Dehydration can be caused, for example, by (travellers’) diarrhoea and physical efforts such as walking, cycling, mountain climbing or other sports. Small children and the elderly in particular are more vulnerable to loss of moisture. The lack of moisture and the accompanying loss of salts from the body can be restored with the help of an electrolyte solution.

[31150] ORS Scoop [31150] ORS Scoop (open)

Article Number : 31150
Dimensions : 20 x 80 x 180 mm
Weight : 10g
EAN Code : 8714024311500

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