Hadex Water Disinfectant

Hadex Water Disinfectant

Drinking water (for human consumption) is often less reliable in many warm countries than you are used to in your own country. As a result, drinking water is often the cause of stomach and intestinal upsets (diarrhoea) as well as diseases such as (para-)typhoid, dysentery, cholera, etc. One can reduce the risk of infection considerably by paying constant attention to what one eats and drinks. Be careful with drinking water!

Care Plus® Hadex® is a drinking water disinfectant based on chlorine. The use of Care Plus® Hadex® is recommended in places where there is doubt about the bacteriological safety of the drinking water. Use Care Plus® Hadex® to disinfect water from the tap, springs and wells that in principle is intended for human consumption.

Ideal for drinking water on pleasure trips, canal barges, caravans and campers: 1 bottle of Care Plus® Hadex® (30 ml.) for 150 litres of water when filling up at the start of the season. The dosage for individual consumption is 1 drop in a glass of water (0.2 litre).

Care Plus® Hadex® needs thirty (30) minutes to take effect, after which the water can be
drunk safely.

Caution: During transport, Care Plus® Hadex® must be kept in the plastic bag in which it is supplied in order to prevent possible leaking. Care Plus® Hadex® is not inflammable or explosive.

[34130] Hadex (boxed) [34130] Hadex

• Handy dosage (one drop in a glass of water)
• Includes extensive instructions

Article Number : 34130
Contents : 30ml
Dimensions : 48 x 48 x 95 mm
Weight : 50g
EAN Code : 8714024341309

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