First Aid Kit – Waterproof

FAK - Waterproof

The Care PlusĀ® Waterproof Kit is a comprehensive set of First Aid materials in a waterproof case. It is ideal for active outdoor sports, mountain bikers, water sports and travellers going to tropical regions as it protects First Aid materials in the event of rain, splashing water, even falling in water as it floats very well.

[38361] FAK Waterproof [38361] FAK Waterproof (Contents)

5 x Compresses 5x5cm
10 x Plasters 25x72mm
10 x Plasters 60x100mm
1 x Roll fixing tape 1.25cm x 1m
2 x Pair of vinyl gloves
10 x Alcohol wipes
1 x Pair of first aid scissors (small)
1 x Pair of tweezers
1 x Packet of safety pins (6 pins)
1 x List of contents
1 x Care PlusĀ® First Aid Guidance card
4 x Non-sticking compresses 10x10cm
1 x Support bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
2 x Hydrophilic bandages 7.5cm x 4m
1 x Finger plaster
1 x Knuckle plaster
1 x Set of butterfly stitches (5)
1 x Triangular cloth
1 x Mouth-to-mouth facemask
1 x Emergency blanket
1 x Thermometer
1 x Burns compress 10x10cm
4 x Fingerstalls

Article Number : 38361
Dimensions : 80 x 140 x 340mm
Weight : 460g
EAN Code : 8714024383613

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