First Aid Kit – Walker

FAK - Walker

The Walker Kit was specially designed for walkers and trekkers and the choice of items in this kit focuses especially on the prevention and care of foot injuries. These activities involve a serious risk of blisters and treatment is essential in order to prevent pain and infection.

The kit also includes sports bandages to treat blisters and a special Care PlusĀ® Blister Treatment Booklet containing specific information on how to care for blisters.

[38362] FAK Walker[38362] FAK Walker (contents)

5 x Compresses 5x5cm
4 x Plasters 19x38mm
4 x Plasters 25x72mm
8 x Alcohol wipes
1 x List of contents
1 x Care PlusĀ® First Aid Guidance card
1 x Support bandage 7.5cm x 4.5m
6 x Blister plaster
1 x Sports tape, 2.5cm x 10cm
5 x Blood lancets
1 x Camphor spray
1 x Foot powder
1 x Packet of 5 cotton wool balls
1 x Booklet on blister treatment

Article Number : 38362
Dimensions : 85 x 120 x 239mm
Weight : 450g
EAN Code : 8714024383620

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