First Aid Kit – Sterile

FAK - Sterile

This set of sterile medical materials, bandages and first aid materials is specially designed for travel to areas where hygiene and medical care is poor and where an increased risk of AIDS and hepatitis B infections exists. In the event of an emergency, this medical kit is designed to be given to local, qualified staff.

Also includes a doctor’s certificate to show at border control if necessary.

[38376] FAK Sterile [38376] FAK Sterile (Contents)
2 x Pair of vinyl gloves
6 x Alcohol wipes
20 x Assorted plasters
1 x Stitching thread & needle
1 x Scalpel
1 x Doctor’s Statement
1 x IV Needle (Cannula IV) 125 ml/min
1 x Tooth needle 0.4x35mm
3 x Disposable syringes 2ml
5 x Disposable syringes 5ml
5 x Disposable needles 0.4x20mm
5 x Disposable needles 0.8x40mm
5 x Blood lancets
1 x Care Plus® First Aid Guidance card

Article Number : 38311
Dimensions : 80 x 195 x 185mm
Weight : 240g
EAN Code : 8714024383118

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