Care Plus Camphor Spray

Camphor Spray

Use for 2 to 3 weeks in advance of a long walk to toughen and prepare your feet, or use after or during a walk to cool, refresh and relieve.

[38203] Camphor Spray
Care Plus Camphor Spray is a multi-purpose foot spray that cools and eases tired feet, but can also be used in advance of a walk to harden the skin and therefore reduce the chance of blisters.

Furthermore, Care Plus Camphor Spray can be used in case of emergency to clean the skin on your feet to increase the adhesion of plasters

Care Plus Camphor Spray works particularly well in combination with Care Plus Foot Powder – both are also included with the Care Plus Walker First Aid Kit

Article Number : 38203
Dimensions : 36 x 110mm
Weight : 70g
Contents : 60ml

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