Care Plus Water Filter – Field Review

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Care Plus Water Filter – Field Review
I have been using this water filter for a couple of months now and have found it to be a very useful addition to my kit list. When leading groups in the outdoors I am asked quite regularly ‘Is that water safe to drink?’ whenever people see a clear, flowing mountain stream. Before now the best response I could give would be a ‘Probably’ but with the Care Plus Water Filter I can now give a positive ‘Yes!’

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The filter’s compact size and light weight means that it is virtually unnoticeable to carry in the top pocket of my backpack and can be swiftly deployed with the straw attachment for a sampling of mountain stream water during quick stops. With the flexible, fold away bottle attached and a flow rate of 1.7 litres per minute it can easily refill a whole group’s water bottles during a lunch break, meaning that they don’t need to carry their entire water supply for the whole journey. This is even more useful on overnight trips when you would normally have to boil the water collected from the stream and use a lot of fuel in the process or use unpleasant chemical treatments. The filter unit can also be mounted on the tube of a bladder-type drinking system meaning that the water can be quickly collected and then filtered as you drink.

I particularly value this bit of kit on light weight solo trips as it has allowed me to confidently start a journey carrying no water at all and just collect what I need on route and I look forward to using it on overseas trips in the future.

The filter is very simple to care for and just requires a quick backwash with the included syringe before letting it air dry prior to storage. And with a lifespan of 375,000 litres it should last me for many years to come!

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About the author
James is an avid outdoor adventurer with a passion for mountain activities. He has been leading groups in the outdoors for ten years and is currently working as a freelance instructor based in the Lake District.

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