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Having been a customer favourite for their great and reliable protection from bites from various insects and pests, it seems to be an opportune time to go into detail about what our Care Plus Bugsox range is for, the benefits they can provide and also introduce those note familiar to them to the concept of a comfortable, easy to wear protective barrier for your feet, as well as the reasons why feet are such an important part for you to keep safe.

Ticks, for example, are very commonly found in forested undergrowth, which many people walk through on walks or hikes, giving them a an opportune first point of contact for an easy meal. Mosquitoes, as seen in our post based on a study of what attracts them, have a tendency to flock to areas with more natural bacteria present, and the most robust bacteria colonies are found on our feet and ankles.

Feet, then, are much more prone to bites than other places on our bodies, and considering the dangers present in both tick and mosquito bites, it becomes fairly obvious that our vulnerable appendages need to be protected.

[36479-36482] Bugsox City Black

That’s where Bugsox come in.

Forming a well-fitted defensive layer, Bugsox are impregnated with DURALLIN, a non-irritable, biodegradable form of protection that is lethal to mosquitoes, ticks, and other vermin, yet harmless to humans. The chemical layer also protects against bacteria, which not only prevents discolouration and degradation of the sock, but but also the formation of odours that might further attract mosquitoes to you.

This combination of effects leads to the following tested results:

  • 45% reduced Mosquito Landings
  • 80-90% Fewer actual Insect Bites
  • Ticks cannot walk or even remain static on it

Care Plus Bugsox aren’t simply functional, however. The bamboo viscose, which forms the main material of the sock, provides comfort at temperatures both high and low, staying cool in the heat thanks to the absorption moisture and the quick evaporation of sweat, whilst its micro structure acts as an excellent base layer in the cold. Bugsox City (shown above) are suitable for a wide variety of everyday uses, such as a easy walk or city trip, whilst the comfortable and airy material provides optimum comfort for hot or tropical weather, on a casual holiday or at home. Bugsox do have another type however, for those who are more active or are seeking a little Adventure.

Tropenzorg Socks

Whether you’re going for a long walk, a hike, or a cycle in any type of terrain or weather, Bugsox Adventure (shown left) can keep your feet comfortable and dry, as well as providing all the same protection benefits as the City version.

Unlike Bugsox City, however, the Adventure pairs are made with Coolmax polyester, specifically designed and developed to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry, no matter what activity or situation you find yourself in. By transporting the moisture away from your skin to the outermost layer of the sock, it works excellently well with the bamboo-based fibers to evaporate sweat at a greater speed and efficiency than the City sock, ensuring that, even if you enjoy an exhausting day of sport, your feet will be fresh and odour free for longer.

Each variety of sock is available in two colours, with City (which comes in two pairs per pack) stocked in Navy or Black, whilst Adventure (one pair per pack) can be found in either Navy or Khaki. Regardless of which, however, you can be safely assured that the excellent protection from DURALLIN can be found in both.

Bugsox, whatever the variety, can prove to be a very useful addition to your selection of anti-insect products, working fantastically when in conjunction with all of our other ranges from sprays to lotions or other mosquito protection products, such as nets. As such, they sell well and can easily be incorporated into any anti-insect or travel display.

For more information on Bugsox or any other products in our ranges, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

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