Blue Jellyfish spotted off Cornwall coast


Hundreds of the blue and purple sea nettle jellyfish have been spotted off the coast of Cornwall this summer troubling swimmers and surfers enjoying resorts such as Newquay.

The Sea Nettle Jellyfish can grow to approx 30cm in diameter with metre-long stinging tentacles that feel (not unsurprisingly because of the name) much like a nettle sting

Care Plus Outdoor and Sea is a sun lotion that will protect you from the stings of jellyfish as well as from the harmful effects of the sun (SPF50) and so might be a good pick-up for that trip to the coast over the summer. With warmer seas this summer it is expected that all different types of jellyfish will be present in larger than normal numbers.

Care Plus always advise that it is sensible and prudent to avoid jellyfish as much as possible – but where this isn’t possible Care Plus Outdoor and Sea might protect you from unnecessary pain!

Photograph care of Western Morning News

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