375,000 litres from a Care Plus Water Filter – what does that look like?

We understand that it is difficult to comprehend volumes of water, particularly when it comes to drinking water – we have been struggling with it ourselves.

However, perhaps it might help to visualise the 375,000 litres of water that a Care Plus filter will provide by understanding that this is the amount of water found within a 25m x 10m swimming pool (with an average depth of 1.5m). This is the standard size pool that you will often find in leisure centres and sports academies

This is 375,000 litres of water

Swimming Pool (6)
.Here is another, just to give another impression of scale
Swimming Pool (5)

Now we don’t recommend that you drink water from a swimming pool, but just to put this into context the European Food Safety Authority recommends that women should drink 1.6 litres of fluid a day, and men, 2.0 litres.

Therefore one Care Plus Water Filter would provide enough clean water for a woman to drink for 642 years or a man for 513 years. It provides enough drinking water for the average family for four for approximately 155 years.

We hope that this may have provided a little understanding of the volume of drinking water that the Care Plus Water Filter can filter.

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